Friday, December 9, 2011

The Red Planet


Cindy H. said...

Wow, Karen, another fabulous scene!! Please tell me this is going to be published in RSM:) This is just such a fun scene and I am amazed by all the detail and gorgeous coloring. Love it!!! tfs

Abbey97 said...

Hello Cindy! No, this won't be in RSM. Roberta told me they would rather stuff they publish use rubber stamps and not digitals so I didn't even bother as that fabulous kitchen is a digi.
I wanted to send them the one above (Pass the Remote) but since the window/curtain is a digi they didn't want to accept it. I sent in a bunch of scenes a few months ago and they are holding some for this coming year and also for 2013. Whatever I do send them I never post on here until after the magazine comes out. I know for sure I will have a scene for the "Cute" theme in the next issue and then in the Summer 2012 issue there is supposed to be an article on composition by Christina Hecht using a couple scenes I sent.
These last 2 scenes I posted were in a small magazine called Banzai published by a fellow stamper once a year. It's more a labor of love for her with lots of really fun stuff. In order to get the magazine you have to participate so I send her a couple scenes for it each year.
thanks again,

nise said...

Your brain is wild! And you never miss a detail. Is that wallpaper hand drawn??? I noticed only one green cat, so it was definitely out of this world! WELL DONE and so happy you share.

Abbey97 said...

nise, the wallpaper is digital scrapbook paper that I printed out.