Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pass the Remote

Here's the story behind this scene - one day I was on the couch watching tv and didn't feel good. I called my husband in from the other room and asked him to hand me the remote which was on the coffee table, much closer to me than to him of course. I didn't want to even move since I wasn't feeling too good. He laughed so much when he found out why I called him in to the room that he said "you HAVE to stamp a scene about this". He thought it would be much funnier with a man on the couch instead of a woman so here it is....(yep, he's a really good guy my hubby lol).


Anonymous said...

LOVE this! LOL
All your scenes are Amazing.
May I ask who makes the 'open door', and the 'dog laying down' stamps?
VickiR in OH

Cindy H. said...

OMGosh, Karen, you ARE amazing!! LOL, this is such a funny scene and done with such precision!! Your masking skills are perfect, your coloring is perfect...heck, everything is perfect! I have always loved your sense of humor and now I love your hubby's, too :) Please thank him for the suggestion he gave you - I really enjoyed seeing it stamped!

Abbey97 said...

Vicki, the dog is from Inkadinkado

I do remember I got it from Addicted to Rubber Stamps (the original site, before they closed). The door I got from eBay a while ago - it is mounted but there are no markings or a company name on the block - so sorry! I do think it's an April Pederson stamp by the drawing but I know that doesn't really help much since she has drawn for SO many companies through the years.
Happy stamping!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karen!
I ordered the 'pup' stamp at a discount from 123stitch dotcom, and just rec'd it yesterday.
Sooo cute. I Love it!
I'll watch eBay, but I'm not so lucky winning bids...
VickiR in OH

nise said...

Your hubby is a keeper! That is, if he did indeed hand you the remote that day. PERFECT - - totally hilarious and every little detail is perfect. I am always amazed by your coloring. Your colors make your humor come alive. Thanks for sharing.