Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Mouse on the Prairie

Don't you just hate it when your little brother won't be QUIET when you're trying to watch your favorite tv show?


Cindy H. said...

Yes, I do, lol! Are you a home decorator in your other life? This is so perfectly laid out!! Those mice are just so cute :) and I really like the furniture. I could use that wall unit in my family room. I love being able to zoom in to view your beautiful coloring, too. tfs

nise the nosey! said...

Little brothers are born obnoxious, but your scene is so cute, it's hard to think that this one is! That wooden box with the rug is perfect - - I've got my great grandfather's tool box with a rag rug here in the spare room! Your coloring is unbelievably fantastic! Can I ask what is the actual overall size of this and how many hours does it take?

Abbey97 said...

Thanks again you guys.
Nise, this scene is approx 9.5x7 inches not counting the mat. As for how long it takes...well, I'm not really certain. Many hours probably, but I have never sat down and completely stamped and colored a scene all at once. I'm definitely a piddler...I plan, do a rough draft, stamp, leave it, sometimes stamp some more, adding to it. Then I usually color a little at at time. Sometimes it may take me several days or even a couple weeks to color a scene because I do a little at a time when I get a chance or when I feel like it. At times I think a scene is finished for a while and I'll got back a few weeks later and color on it some more! It's something that is fun and relaxing for me to de-stress so I do it when the mood strikes and just have fun.
thanks again so very much,
~Karen (Abbey97)

susie hardin said...

You are incredible! Where is this mouse on the rug from? He is so cute? Are the majority of your images digital or rubber stamped? Is there any place where you describe your process of creating a picture? I am having so much fun enjoying your art!

Abbey97 said...

Hello Sue and thank you. That mouse stamp is from Holly Berry House, I got it on eBay a while ago. I do prefer rubber stamps and use them mostly but sometimes a digital image is SO nice I just have to have it! (like that window with the awesome curtain, and some of the ones from Make it Crafty, wow they are so well drawn). I don't have any step by step posts or anything like that but if you do any masking it's pretty easy to figure out. I learned a lot from old RSM magazines and went from there. There was an article in RSM on masking not long ago (sometime last year I think?? with step by step pics of creating a scene, and different ways to mask.)