Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fuzzy Goes Online

Spring 2011 RubberStampMadness cover
!! (woohoo!) !!


Cindy H. said...

Congrats, my friend!! This is an awesome cover and you so deserve to be there!!!!! :) The picnic also so adorable and so beautifully colored!! Great job! tfs

nise said...

OH MY!! You are most definitely a COVERGIRL! WOW, WOW, WOW!! I don't even know where to start my praise - maybe with the bunny and his 'puter and to go coffee! Or Pooh looking down the rabbit hole?Fantastic creation - - are you framing that cover and putting it in a prominent spot in the house??

Abbey97 said...

Oh yes I'll be framing it, I am going to take down a few framed pictures already hanging on a wall near my stamping area and put this up and a couple others (VSN covers). RSM sent me several "posters", they are just the cover of the magazine (pretty cool!), along with some extra copies of this issue, so I'll probably just frame one of those since it will be flatter.