Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This was me last week.......

I call it "I Have No Shame" HAHAHA
The cupboard was empty, the kitties were hungry and I had many loads of laundry to do....but here I sat drinking coffee and stamping another scene
(just kidding of course, we had food and the cats were fed.....although the laundry part was very true......and I have to say it was a happy moment when I showed it to hubby and he burst out laughing very loud! He loved it)


nise said...

Oh, Abbey!!! I have dust bunnies instead of kitties and I did do the laundry, but I can SO relate to your life. LOVE this one!! There is never just one thing that I like best, though that chair surrounded by the starving felines is pretty cool. Great stamper girl with the red shoes (there's no place like home?!). Thanks so much for sharing. It's been a sad week and I needed the grins.

Cindy H. said...

OMGoodness, Abbey, you are soooo not alone. I did give in today and chase some "dust bunnies" - I had to, they were multiplying:) I love this scene, it's fabulous!! I didn't comment on every card even though I loved everyone of them. I was running out of superlatives and I thought I might sound like a broken record, lol.