Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peeping Tom!!!

For some reason I wasn't quite happy with this one and re-did it since I had all the stamps still right there in front of me (top is the re-do). But now I like the bottom one too! LOL


nise said...

Bottom is brighter and a bit more like most homes ~ cute and cluttered. They are both fantastic as far as I'm concerned. Is that bead board a stamp or hand drawn?? Great rabbits, too.
Really hope "tom" gets over his shock!

Abbey97 said...

Hi nise, it is a stamp from Starving Artistamps. I bought their new rubber sheet called Classic Decor. That stamp is a little less than 5" long so I just had to stamp it twice. Thanks!

Donna said...

like them both...noticed 'tan' line better on the 1st one.
What size stamps did you use? Looks like they have the dominino size and regular which seems too large for a card...what is your finished card size?

Abbey97 said...

Hi Donna, I used the regular size bunnies - the domino size ones are really teeny weeny, like an inch tall or less! The bunny in the towel is about 4.25 inches tall. This finished scene is about 8x6.5 inches.

Cindy H. said...

Simply fabulous!! Love them both:) I also got a kick out of the "tan line". Your coloring is awesome!!!