Friday, January 20, 2012

Laundry Day

January 2012 Vamp Stamp News "Favorite Tool" challenge
I chose my stamp positioner - couldn't stamp a scene without it!


Cindy H. said...

Oh so whimsical and adorable! I love the coloring on the mother cat and her kitten - so beautifully done. The plant needs to come live with me, lol, and I love the quilt!

Though I haven't created a scene for quite some time, I'm with you, Karen, I still always use my stamp positioner even on my greeting cards - it's old but still a necessary tool for me:) tfs

VicR said...

I Always LOVE your indoor scenes!
I agree too, couldn't stamp 'em out without a positioner ;-)

nise said...

The clothesline, the pot of geraniums(?), the quilt and that fun border on the wall catch my eye on this one. You do a fabulous job with the color and making it all come together. I have a stamp positioner and haven't ever really used it, but then I never would attempt something this artistic.