Monday, August 1, 2011

Fall 2011 RubberStampMadness

Playing in the Garden

The Quilt Room

GI Joe Escapes!

Baby Nolan


Cindy H. said...

OMGoodness, Karen, these scenes are all fabulous!!! You are so talented! It's always such a treat to come here and see a new scene.

I got my RSM and flipped through the pages. I did see the feature article on you but haven't been able to find some quiet time where I could sit down an let it all soak in yet :) Congratulations, what an accomplishment!!!

nise said...

FEATURED in RSM??? If I could type from a kneeling and bowing position, I would. These are all gorgeous! Your coloring is beyond words (may I ask how do you "paint" your walls?). Your composition is amazing (even the scenes outside your windows are fantastic). Luv your sense of humor (GO Joe!!). Baby Nolan is precious - ivy above the window caught my eye as well as the book on the chaise - wonderful touches.
With Joe, it's the scene outside the window and the coziness of the plants & baskets. Pooh & Piglet swinging by a thread send the quilt room over the top. Playing in the garden has me drawn to the dog by the door - did he chomp on a kitty and get banned from playtime? Thank you for sharing your art. And RSM could do the whole issue on you and it still wouldn't do your talent justice.

Abbey97 said...

nise, stop, you embarrass me! LOL
I "paint" the walls by coloring with pencils, then using Gamsol on a paper stump to blend. Then I usually go in and add darker areas, etc. Sometimes I use Copics if the wall area is really broken up, or not as big as some. That takes a lot of blending and maybe several colors of markers.
Thanks again Cindy, also!