Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 2011 Vamp Stamp News (Windows & Doors Challenge)

Pooh's House

Spring in the Valley - that's our bratty Tee-Tee (that's what we call him, short for Tigger), his favorite activity is knocking things off tables and bureaus. Love him anyway LOL.

Spring is Coming!

Stamping Desk with a View


Cindy H. said...
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Cindy H. said...

OMGoodness, I just realized I had commented on just one scene and not all four so I deleted my previous comment. I love your scene that was published in VSN - WOW, that's gorgeous and so intricate. The coloring is gorgeous!! Love it!

Tee-Tee rules! Love how he is propped up with an easel(?) and your stuff is on the floor - tehee!

Spring Is Coming is wonderful!! Love the coloring and all the detail.

This is Pooh scene is just adorable!! Wow, you are on a roll!! Congratulations!!!

Abbey97 said...

Hello Cindy, thanks again! I was excited when I saw the theme for May VSN was "windows and doors" as I love those kinds of stamps. I sent her these 4 scenes and they were all in the May issue, that's why I put them under one post (I figured out how to do that while posting yesterday LOL).

nise said...

What a view! Love the wallpaper and that chair with its garden saying, as well as the desk and matching accessories. I started with the oldest post that I hadn't yet commented on and was starting to go thru kitty withdrawal. Glad you found room for a couple - - and that Pooh & Piglet hug - - in this one. Your coloring and attention to detail are just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

nise (again!) said...

WHOA!! I did not realize you put a whole bunch under one heading.
So sorry and now I will ramble on about the others! In Spring, your bricks and cedar shake roof are INCREDIBLE! Your colors are so vibrant! It's bloomin' beautiful!!
That kitty is a brat, but glad he's leaning on that lamp and not sending it crashing to the floor. Another gorgeous view out your window. Your coloring always makes everything seem so real.
And Pooh's house is just so lush and inviting. Love the cobblestone path and the greenery and that fence and just everything about it. And am so happy that you were published 4 times (you have put nothing on your blog that isn't magazine cover worthy, though). Thanks for sharing and I will try to pay closer attention, but I always go back quickly when I see a new scene to the last one I know I gawked at, then slowly peruse the art and form my comments. It's a special process just so I get the most out of your creations, Karen. Thanks so much for sharing.