Friday, March 25, 2011

Diana in the Kitchen

Mrs. Comfy Cooks digital image
from Phindy's Place....I emailed Philomena O'Neill and told her I removed her copyright notice from in front of the made the scene ugly having it right there in the middle. She requires it to be there but she said she was OK with it in this case as long as I put a copyright notice somewhere on the front - which I did on the bottom border.


Cindy H. said...

Wow, what a scene! There's so much going on. Love all the kitties - I actually have the one on the fridge :) Mrs Comfy is a wonderful image and I love how you incorporated her into the scene. Three cheers for Philomena O'Neill for allowing you to put the copyright where it wouldn't be distracting to the scene! Karen, I hope you don't get tired of hearing how wonderful I think your coloring is but it is fabulous! tfs

nise said...

Ok, what is the maximum number of cats you can get in a scene?? That Mrs Comfy Cooker is way cool and she looks great with your entourage! My favorite is the one dangling off the fridge. Love the wall and your spot of bricks - how did you color that luscious blue?
Great floor! And I have looked real close, but you didn't put a cat in the pot :)