Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giant Stamp Supply Sale!


nise said...

You just get better and better every time you create a new scene. This is just so amazing! LOVE that lady on the "stamp pad". The embossing powder spills, the cart of stamps, the garland, the checkout dude, the oversized cup of pencils & things. Oh and that giant stamp with the metal plate is wonderful.
But it's your coloring that brings it all together so perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing and giving me some much needed chuckles.

Cindy H. said...

OMWord, this is so fun! I think Abbey's Stamp Emporium is an appropriate title given all the stamps you need to use just to create this beauty. I was planning a visit to the emporium but I see your checkout counter says "Nine items or less" - I'm afraid that wouldn't work for me as I generally have a lot more than nine items, lol. Thanks for heaps of fun at Abbey's!!