Thursday, October 29, 2009

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


Cindy H. said...

I love this, Abbey!! I'm curious how large is this card? You have a lot of of people and things going on. I recognize the people but not the cow :) I've never seen a check out counter, did you draw it? Are the sodas miniaturized ads? Great job, Abbey! BTW, I like peaches but I'll pass on the cow patties, lol. tfs

Abbey97 said...

Cindy, what! no cow pies for you??
LOL Me neither! This scene is 8.5x7 inches. What I usually do for larger scenes like this is scan then print out approx. 5x7 size and put that on a card front. The cow is from Visions of Ink and the check out counter is indeed a stamp! It's from Raw Stamps, probably out of business along with so many other companies :^(
For the sodas I just looked on the internet for pictures of soda bottles and then printed them out real tiny, then cut them out and glued on. Thanks again!

nise said...

Are you sampling that cow pie in your bakery this week? You are Hilarious!! I have that bag lady on the left along with 3 of her sisters. LOVE the checkout worker.
Great soda case and floor. Thanks for sending me into the weekend with a few grins. Best witches for a Happy Halloween.